New Album

The South Austin Moonlighters’ new full-length album Travel Light is now available on iTunes.

Produced by New Orleans songwriter Anders Osborne, Travel Light showcases the Moonlighters connecting with each other like never before. The album solidifies their vision and their voice, often unpacking heavy subject matters through grin-inducing, multi-part harmonies.

The album’s title track is driven by slinky, Levon Helm-esque drums; a study on the life distractions with which we constantly burden ourselves. Chris Beall shares that the simple meaning of Travel Light is that “life is tough and we don’t need to make it tougher.” This new album is sure to unburden fans old and new.


First Single From New Album

The title track from the new album Travel Light is now available on iTunes. The entire album is available for pre-order.

“Travel Light” is about recognizing the distractions we get ourselves burdened with. Life is tough—we don’t need to make it tougher. The lyrics show a family faced with a few bold choices; their decisions will change the way they are living.

– Chris Beall


Travel Light from Station House Records

Our new album Travel Light is now available for purchase directly from Station House Records.


Music Video Premiere

The Moonlighters premiered the music video for the title track off the album Travel Light. Kristin Brown writes in Cowboys & Indians magazine:

…the video compels you to watch as much as the music and its message invite you to appreciate those around you. And who doesn’t need to hear a little mandolin picking with this refrain: “Oh, oh, it’s gonna be all right. Put down your worries and travel light.”


We are a roots & Americana band from Austin, Texas.

The band started in 2011 when Lonnie got together a group of local music veterans to occasionally play together for the sheer joy of making music. Pretty soon it became evident that something special happened when we played together, and the band—which was originally meant to be a moonlighting side-gig for all of us—became our main gig.

Those of you who know us know that our success has come from working as a team. We hold each other up and inspire each other to keep pushing and challenging ourselves to be our very best at all times. We all sing and write songs. We take turns leading the band, singing harmonies and coming together to lift each other up.

At the end of the day we all love making music, sharing it with people and basking in the joy that our audiences reflect back to us.

The Moonlighters deliver their own unique brand of Americana music with organic, show-stopping vocal harmonies, incredible musicianship, and well-crafted, heart-felt songs.

The joy of making music is a tangible and contagious part of the Moonlighters’ live shows. They are often compared to The Eagles, Little Feat, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young—but the Moonlighters have a voice all of their own.

They write and perform original music 2012’s Live at The Saxon Pub, 2013’s Burn and Shine, 2016’s Ghost of a Small Town and the highly anticipated, Anders Osborne-produced album Travel Light, which will be released on May 17, 2019.